Male Vs. Female Cats - Which Are Better Pets?

In a survey of over 130 cat owners, I came to the conclusion that there are no distinct personality differences between male and female cats.

A cats personality is determined mostly by breed, socialization, history and a number of other factors.

While a little more than 50% of the owners surveyed claimed their male cats were more affectionatethe remaining 45% (approx.) claimed just the opposite – their female cats were the more affectionate ones.

I believe the breed of cat you choose is one of the biggest factors in determining personality – so if you are considering adopting a new cat, doing research on the breed you want will give you a more accurate reading than choosing based on gender.

This is also based on the assumption that you will have your cat spayed/neutered. If you aren't planning on having your cat fixed, an unspayed female will make a much better pet than a non neutered male – simply because non neutered males tend to be very aggressive and are very likely to urine spray.

Another important factor that plays a part in the cat's personality is how it's socialized during it's first 12 weeks of life. For this reason, you should find out as much as possible about a kitten's history before taking it home.

If you get the kitten from a breeder or from someone who has been caring for the kitten since it's birth, this will be easy. If you get a kitten from a shelter or pet adoption center, it makes it a little more difficult to find out the kitten's history.

You may or may not be able to get information about the kitten's parents, or in what conditions the kitten was raised.

However, as I have proved with the 11 ferals I tamed and socialized, even if the kitten came from less than fortunate circumstances – the way you raise the kitten from that point on will play a huge part in shaping his or her personality.

7 months ago, I brought home a scrawny 6 ½ week old kitten from the local shelter who, at the time – was extremely vocal, somewhat skittish, and loved to bite!

Today she is bold, outgoing, and extremely friendly. Talk about a personality makeover! In my special report 'Amazing Kitten Care Secrets Revealed' I'll give you some killer tips on socializing your kitten so he/she can grow up to be a confident, sociable cat.


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